Helping clients achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle


Prestwood Etheridge & Russell Ltd
Independent Financial Planners & Investment Advisers - established in 1975
Telephone: 01384 872137     Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Terms of business:

These are set out in full in our Client Agreement and are summarised in our memoranda ‘keyfacts about our services’ and ‘keyfacts about the cost of our services’. Copies are available on request.

We offer two payment options with a summary that compares them: ‘Paying by fee’ and ‘Paying by a combination of commission and fee’. Our service is the same whichever option is chosen. Clients below the age of 30 receive our full service without charge.

An estimate of the total cost of our service will be provided on request after we have had an opportunity of assessing your requirements.

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